An exciting update for Talegraph

Marie-Laure 11-05-2020 Version française

Talegraph reinvents itself for you!

No need to travel far away to go on an adventure and have lots of memories to immortalize: exploring the tall grass in the garden, showing your progress in cooking (your 8th attempt at baking bread is a success!), keeping an illustrated lockdown-diary, etc…

Anything to keep your friends and family posted!

To help you tell these stories we have once again improved Talegraph, focusing especially on the editing interface and the creation process of new Tales. We are very proud to present this new version which is also so much easier to navigate on smartphone or tablet.

Here are some of the new features

  • We made it easier and more agreeable to create a new album on Talegraph.
  • You can move an entire chapter (and its content) up or down your Tale.
  • Premium members get 7 exclusive new themes, among which you will find Coral, Chocolate or Photographer…

As always we are chasing bugs so let us know if you find one hiding in this new version!

Check out Talegraph’s new interface with the examples below:

Notos, breathe new life into your stories.

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