Talegraph becomes Notos!

Marie-Laure 07-07-2020 Version française

Today is a very exciting day, because Talegraph is getting a new name and a new look!


Why this change?

We wanted to bring fresh air to Talegraph and have been inspired by the name of Notos, the Greek god of the south wind.

From a practical point of view, Notos is an easier name to pronounce than Talegraph, and also makes it easier to find us on the search engines.

Another reason for this makeover is that we are welcoming today a lot of new users on our platform. We took over over the website Memotrips in January and after a few months of hard work, we are finally migrating all the users and their content to Notos!

Go and check out our new roadmap page where you can find our next planned features and improvements.

See you soon on Notos!

Notos, breathe new life into your stories.

Try out Notos!