About Notos

Why Notos?

Inspired by Notos, the Greek god of the south wind, we want to bring some fresh air to the world of photo blogs. Forget about impersonal platforms that standardize your content and imagine a new space instead. A space that is both beautiful and user-friendly, also encouraging everyone’s expression.

We kept all that in mind when creating Notos: we wanted to give more context to your pictures and bring out the stories they tell. By putting storytelling at the heart of our service, we want to break the monotony of classic photo albums, and push people to explore, tell, and share. Always with the utmost respect for your privacy.

The Notos team

Marie-Laure Musiedlak


Marie-Laure graduated from ESSEC Business School and worked for several years in marketing. She is also a real Lego bricks fan!

Renaud Chaput


Renaud started building web apps when he was a kid, and never stopped since then!

Olivier Bergère

Art director

From branding to interface design, Olivier brings clear and intuitive solutions to complex matters.

Our business model

As you can imagine, creating a new service from the beginning and hosting millions of pictures has a cost.

We refuse to finance our service with advertisement for two main reasons. First because it would ruin your experience of visiting albums, an experience that we want to be as enjoyable as possible. And above all because respecting your privacy is one of our fundamental values. We will never sell your personal data to third parties.

In order to finance Notos and imagine its future, we chose a healthy and durable business model, commonly called “freemium model”. It means that there is a free but limited version of our service on one hand. And on the other hand, a Premium unlimited plan with a subscription giving access to all the features of Notos.

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