A free version to make your first steps on Notos and a Premium package for a complete experience.

Notos premium

Unlimited storage

Don’t worry about the image count anymore

12 exclusive themes

For even more customization

Video clips

For more dynamic stories

Increased privacy

With password protection on your albums

And also…

Statistics and priority access to customer support.

And still no ads!

Get premium!

from $5.00/month

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay to use all the features on Notos while Facebook or Google Photos are free?

Here at Notos we are committed to provide you with a qualitative service, respectful to our users. Unlike the Internet giants, we refuse to display ads on our website and we don’t sell our users data. This is why we decided to finance Notos's development by implementing a “freemium” model. It means that you have to pay to use all the features but there is still a free and basic version of the site. Read more on our blog

What happens to my pictures if I no longer have a Premium account?

If you decide to not renew your Premium subscription, don’t worry, we will not delete your pictures overnight. You will be warned that you are no longer Premium and if you are over the free plan's limits your oldest albums will be “un-published” (only you will be able to see them). You will be downgraded to the basic plan and only have access to the free features of Notos Basic.

What happens if I go over the limit of the free plan?

If you go over the limit of the free plan you will not be able to publish more albums. To get back under the limit you can delete pictures or albums.

What are my payment options?

We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express credit cards, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Are there discounts on the premium plan?

Yes! If you choose the annual subscription you’ll get 2 months free on Notos Premium.

Can I gift a Notos Premium subscription?

We offer Notos Gift cards, allowing you to gift a 1 year Notos Premium subscription to anybody. Click here to get more details about our gift cards

I am a professional or business, can I use Notos?

Sure! We have a pro offer with additional features that can be adapted to your needs. Get in touch with us to get started.

Are there discounts for nonprofits or NGOs?

Yes, we do have special plans for nonprofits organisations. Contact us to get started.